Suspect Named In Thursday Morning Shooting Of Hillcrest Motel Owner

by Roger Murphy
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SHEFFIELD-Police chief Ricky Terry released a statement concerning the shooting that took place at the Hillcrest Motel Thursday morning.

Here is the statement from Chief Terry:

“The Sheffield Police Department has arrested William Jeremy Moore, 34 years of age, for the homicide of Pravin Raojibhai Patel, owner of the Hillcrest Motel. 

Mr. Moore came on hotel property wanting to rent a room when an altercation occurred.  That is when Mr. Moore pulled a handgun and shot Mr. Patel.  Mr. Moore was quickly apprehended by Sheffield Police on 13th Avenue when he was trying to break into an abandoned house.  When searching Mr. Moore, the murder weapon was found in his possession. 

Sheffield City Schools were placed on lockdown for safety measures until Mr. Moore was in custody.  Mr. Moore is currently being held in the Sheffield City Jail until a warrant is issued. 

He will then be transported to the Colbert County Jail. 

Evidence was collected at the scene and Mr. Patel’s body will be transported to Forensics for an autopsy.” ~  Chief Ricky Terry

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