Sheffield Police to hold news conference on alleged sexual abuse

by Steve Wiggins
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SHEFFIELD – In the nearly two weeks since shattering allegations of decades of sex abuse against boys by a The First United Methodist Church youth and choir director, little new information has come to light. That should change this afternoon when, at 2:30pm, Chief Greg Ray will hold a news conference at his office.






Brazelle rehearses for Christmas concert in 2005.

According to several sources, a number of people alleging to be victims of Oliver Brazelle, now 78 years old, have spoken to Police Detectives. So far, however, they have not agreed to come forward and testify in court. The information that we have may change this afternoon.

According to Pastor Zeke Haseldon, Brazelle was fired on Friday, July 27, at a meeting at the church offices. Also in attendance was Bill Don Anderson, Chair of the Staff/Pastor, Parish Relations Committee. The following day church officials say that they received a three page letter which contained a summary of accusations against Brazelle. The authors of that report have not been released to the public.

The church, one of the oldest in Sheffield, is reeling from the accusations against Brazelle, a much-loved fixture at FUMC since 1956.

The Quad-Cities Daily will report what it learns at the news conference as soon as it is completed.

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