Robert Walker’s Field of Dreams – EVENT PHOTOS

Zip City - Cloverdale Volunteer Fire Department Rodeo

by Sheri Wiggins Steve Wiggins
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ZIP CITY, ALABAMA – Robert Walker loved a lot of stuff… He loved his adopted hometown. He loved life. He loved giving hope and happiness to those who were feeling poorly about their personal situations. Robert, who passed back in 2021, wanted to bring something very special to this little place here on Earth. To make us feel better… To help us become kinder to one another… To make us aware that, as long as we are remembered, we are never truly gone.

For those of us fortunate enough to have known Robert Walker, our lives are better. For you who did not know him, but reside up here in North Alabama, rest assured that your life is better because of the kind and caring influence he bestowed, and which permeates throughout.

He just wanted a rodeo! Man, if Robert could pull something like that off, he thought, with the galloping horses, the shouts from the bleachers, the scurrying about of the children under the stands, the music, the National Anthem, the belt buckles… Then all would be right for a fleeting couple of days up in Zip City. No politics. No worries about next month’s paycheck. No nothing. Things were going to be just fine.

And so they were fine this past weekend. A fine early fall weekend in Robert’s very own Field Of Dreams.


“Thanks to everyone that came and helped us have a great Rodeo weekend!! Couldn’t have done it without a lot of work before, during and after. LC sheriffs posse , LASO,Zip City neighborhood watch , 3R Rodeo, Cloverdale VFD, Zip City VFD, Lifeguard Ambulance, Service One Transport,P&k Western, The Walker family, and all Awesome Sponsors!!!”  ~ Robin Mitchell


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