Mark Narmore – Release Party @ AMHOF – EVENT PHOTOS

by Steve Wiggins
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160629_0416 copyMUSCLE SHOALS – Let’s think about our small geographic footprint on Earth. It’s not big… But when we consider our musical impact onto the psyche of our time… The songs generated by our neighbors and friends… Arthur Alexander and Percy… The Swampers… Norbert Putnam… Donnie Fritz… Spooner Oldham and Dan Penn… Gary Baker… Soule’… Buckins… Well, the list goes on…

But then, just when we thought the heyday was over… We find new local songwriters and musicians still touring… Still recording… Still winning GRAMMY AWARDS. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

And there’s this guy… Andreas Werner…. He lives up in Nashville… He’s originally from Switzerland… Here’s his Facebook page:

And then here’s this other guy… Mark Narmore:

So Andreas, uber music producer, and Mark Narmore, seasoned… accomplished… soulful musician, set out to produce a soulful, musical and meaningful album. THIS OLD WURLITZER” is the product of their vision. Their notion was so compelling that Donnie Fritts and Spooner Oldham and Micky Buckins and Peanutt Montgomery and Kelvin Holly and David Hood and so many other world-class musicians and songwriters wanted to be a part of this.

So, last night, June 29th at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame with the help of AMHOF Director Dixie Griffin,  Andreas and Mark threw a release party. Just the sort of thing that happens around here…

Do yourself a musical favor… Get the album.

The QuadCities Daily was invited to the gala. We took lots of EVENT PHOTOS. And we present them here. Enjoy!


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