Jonathan Coady Rainey

by Lynn McMillen
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Jonathan Coady Rainey, age 54, of Florence, AL passed away Monday, May 20th, 2024. John was born August 15, 1969, during Hurricane Camille in New Orleans, Louisiana.

He met his wife, Sueae and they have been inseparable ever since. John and Sueae were married on Sept 21, 2005. They had Coady Lee who was born Aug 28, 2004, and her daughter, Kasey Lynn who was born on Feb 14, 1997, as his own.

John was a very friendly outgoing person with a great sense of humor and whose primary focus was taking care of his family. He loved his wife, Sueae Henson Rainey, and spending time with her and particularly his children. One of his favorite hobbies was fishing with his wife and making YouTube videos of his outings.  He enjoyed life, had great patience, and enjoyed kidding around with his family and friends. He loved whipping up different things on the grill with all the things he caught out on the Tennessee River.

John graduated from Brooks High School in Florence.  John played a variety of sports when he was young including baseball and basketball, but he became a good swimmer, and his best stroke was breaststroke.

John, Sueae & Coady moved to Florence, Alabama in 2020 where John worked with Comfort Max as a HVAC technician and then with Hensley Graves as a HVAC technician. He was very utilitarian and was trained as a cable technician and HVAC technician. He had a great work ethic and was quickly promoted to manager when he worked with Del Air of Florida. He worked hard and had excellent customer services skills. He had loved fishing when he was young, and when he returned to Florence, AL and lived in the house he had grown up in off the Tennessee River, he got a boat so he could take him and his family fishing. He also ran through the neighborhood and worked out with his son at the gym. He loved traveling and road trips as he had done with his family when he was young. John and Sueae spent as much time as they could with her family in Missouri and returning to Florida to visit his family and stepdaughter. His trips to Missouri were great for him. He got to spend time with his father-in-law & brother-in-law learning the art of gigging for Redhorse Fish and frogs.  Father-in-law took him hunting one time and that didn’t sit well with him as he wanted to take the deer to the vet.   John was an animal lover and some of his favorites were Jojo, Lucy, Gus, and Tubbs.

John is preceded in death by his mother, Judith Coady Rainey; and father, Robert Sutton Rainey. He is survived by his wife, Sueae Henson Rainey; children, Kasey Lynn Myers and Coady Lee Rainey; brother, Robert Scott Rainey; and sister, Kimberlee Marie Riley with whom he was close and maintained contact throughout his life.

A celebration of life for John will be held Friday, May 24, 2024, between 5:00 – 8:00 PM at Williams Funeral Home, 1950 Helton Drive in Florence, AL.

The family request in lieu of flowers that donations be made in memory of John Rainey to the preferred nonprofit of your choice.

He left this world knowing he was living his best life.

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