Governor Ivey, Speaker Ledbetter, Chairman Garrett Release Statements Celebrating House Passage of CHOOSE Act

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MONTGOMERY – The Alabama House of Representatives voted today to pass Governor Ivey’s education savings account bill, the CHOOSE Act. The bill now moves to the Senate. Upon its successful passage in the House, Governor Ivey released the following statement:


“Today, Alabama took another important step forward in passing an effective and sustainable education savings account plan, the CHOOSE Act. I made it clear that providing Alabama families an education savings account option was my number one legislative priority, and I appreciate the Legislature for answering the call and addressing it early in the session. Thank you to Speaker Ledbetter and Representative Garrett for their leadership in the House on this important issue.” – Governor Kay Ivey


“I’m proud the Alabama House of Representatives has advanced the CHOOSE Act to the State Senate. A student’s zip code has no business in determining the quality of their education, and I have no doubt the CHOOSE Act will ensure that is no longer the case. I appreciate Governor Ivey’s leadership on this issue and look forward to seeing this legislation cross the finish line.” – Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter 


“Here in Alabama, we are working hard to ensure that every child has the opportunity to choose an educational path that best helps them grow and learn. The CHOOSE Act will provide families around Alabama another option, and I am proud of my colleagues in the House for voting to move this effort forward. I commend Governor Ivey for making this her top legislative priority, and I am proud to sponsor a great school choice bill that is accountable and preserves the historic funding we are investing in public education.” – Education Budget Chairman Representative Danny Garrett. 

Media Release/Office of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

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