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LYNCHBURG, TN-Ryan French, executive director of South Central Tennessee Tourism Association and Experience TN, announced today a strategic partnership with the popular Franklin, TN-based Steel Magnolias Podcast. Sisters Lainie Stubblefield and Laura Beth Peters hosts the show, which sits comfortably in the top 1% of podcasts in the country.


“We’re excited to collaborate with the Steel Magnolias Podcast on highlighting some of the incredible people, businesses attractions, and hidden gems throughout the region,” French said. “These are going to make amazing stories, and even more amazing visits for the Podcast listeners who decide to come and experience this spectacular region of Tennessee.”


The partnership comes for Lainie and Laura Beth on the heels of launching season 6 of the Steel Magnolias Podcast. The inspiration for the podcast was to educate and welcome newcomers who recently relocated to the South. The inspiring show has now grown into an audio library of Southern historical topics and modern-day cultural moments numbering more than 200 episodes. 


“We started the podcast in 2018 because we felt there was a need for a resource that could help people understand the South,” Lainie said. “People move here from all over the country and the world, and they don’t always know what to expect.” The sisters say that as southerners, the conversation is lively, but also uplifting.


These sisters’ love of the South inspired them to turn to the world of podcasting to share the conversations they were already having around Lainie’s kitchen table. The podcast now spans six continents.


“We’re so proud of how far the show has come and we would never have guessed some of the scenarios and opportunities the show has offered us.” said Peters. “Partnering with Experience Tennessee is a great next step in continuing to tell great Southern stories to people all over the world.” 


Plans for the collaboration include regular podcasts from the small towns and rural communities in the South Central Tennessee region, cross promotion of content captured from on-site visits, as well as Laura Beth and Lainie’s participation in media FAMS and special events, along with marketing and PR opportunities with the organization. A brand-new Steele Magnolias Podcast landing page is now featured and available to the 3.58 million visitors to ExperienceTN.

About Steele Magnolias Podcast:

In the top 1% of podcasts, Steel Magnolias is hosted by southern sisters Laura Beth Peters and Lainie Stubblefield. As natives to Nashville, the two took it upon themselves to create a show as a welcoming medium to those wanting to know more about the American South. The Steel Magnolias Podcast is available on all podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon Music. New episodes release each Tuesday.

About Experience TN:

Experience Tennessee is tourism at its best. Take the backroads of beautiful south-central Tennessee. Visit amazing communities and destinations while making priceless memories with your family and friends. From Jack Daniels to Bonnaroo and from the Tennessee River to Mule Day, south-central Tennessee offers visitors a truly unique opportunity to “Experience Tennessee.”

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