Drug Bust In Florence Nets ICE And Liquid Meth Four Arrests Made

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FLORENCE-The Lauderdale County Drug Task Force Agents were investigating drug activity at a residence on Eastwood Dr. in Florence.  LCDTF Agents were assisted by other local, state and federal drug agents.  During the course of the investigation agents observed HIspanic males and a black male leave the residence.  Agents made contact with the HIspanic males.  Nothing was located on the Hispanic males or in their vehicle at the time of contact.  They were released.  The black male was stopped and he attempted to eat Marijuana.  He was identified and was arrested for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 2nd and Tampering with Evidence.  LCDTF Agents were able to obtain a search warrant for the residence.

Agents executed the search warrant for the residence and found the residence unoccupied.  Agents also located an active Methamphetamine conversion lab.  Law Enforcement calls a lab a concersio lab when liquid methamphetamine is concerted to Methamphetamine(ICE).  Often times the liquid Methamphetamine is smuggled in and transported to the lab destination in common every day containers.  This method aids in concealment and avoids detection by law enforcement.  Once at the conversion lab it goes through a cooking process to make it into Methamphetamine (ICE).  There were various containers that were located in the house that were undergoing various stages in the cooking process.  About 19 pounds of finished product was located inside of the residence.

The Hispanic males were staying at a local hotel.  After contact with law enforcement they left the hotel and area.  ALEA Narcotics Agents sent out a “BOLO” for their vehicle to law enforcement.  The Hispanic males were located in Arkansas.  They were taken into custody and are awaiting extradition to Alabama .

The total amount of Methamphetamine liquid weighed over 200 pounds or approximately 25 gallons.  It is estimated that approximately 9-13 pounds of Methamphetamine Ice can be extracted from 1 gallon of Methamphetamine liquid.  The potential conversion of this liquid to Methamphetamine (ICE) would be 225-325 pounds of Methamphetamine (ICE) if sold in grams would be $2 Million-$3 Million dollars.

Due to the waste and complexity of the search, Officers with the Florence Police Department and Deputies with the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office maintained the security on the house until DEA contracted clean-up crew assisted in removing the waste.


Jasmond Dewand Foster, 35, Florence charged with Trafficking in Methamphetamine, Conspiracy to Traffic Methamphetamine, Unlawful Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance 1st, Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 2nd, and Tampering with Evidence.


Jose Salamon, 36 charged with Trafficking in Methamphetamine and Conspiracy to Traffic Methamphetamine.

Edgar Camacho Reyes, 36 charged with Trafficking Methamphetamine and Conspiracy to Traffic Methamphetamine.

Victor Manuel Alcocer Gonzalez, 36 charged with Trafficking Methamphetamine and Conspiracy to Traffic Methamphetamine.

Agencies assisting the Lauderdale County Drug Task Force during the investigation were the Florence Police Department, Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, Lauderdale County District Attorney’s Office, DEA, FBI Safe Streets Task Force, ALEA NARCOTICS, Colbert County Drug Task Force, Colbert County /sheriff’s Office, /franklin /county Sheriff’s Office, Russellville Police Department, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Lawrence County Drug Task Force and the Huntsville Police Department.

Media Release/Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office

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