“We have identified 3 victims who are willing to come forward”, Chief Greg Ray

by Steve Wiggins
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 SHEFFIELD – Investigators looking in to the allegations that the former First Methodist Church Minister of Music engaged in criminal sexual misconduct with underage boys, say they have 3 persons, alleged victims, who are willing to come forward. This is crucial, according to Chief Greg Ray. Without someone who is willing to accuse 78-year old Oliver Brazelle, authorities have no case. Ray told The Quad-Cities Daily that this hurdle has now been jumped. “Up until now, we have only had the report which was given to the Minister at the church. The report did not include any names.”, Ray said. He continued, “We talked to some of the group this morning and their lawyer, and they identified these men who they say will testify in court, if necessary.”

Investigators are in the process of gathering statements this afternoon.

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