Armosa Studios Celebrates Relocation With chamber Ribbon Cutting

by Lynn McMillen
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FLORENCE-On Friday, February 7 Armosa Studios celebrated moving into their new location at 402 East Alabama Street in Florence.  There was a tour of the studio with cake and fun conversation with friends and family.  The Shoals Chamber helped Armosa celebrate the move by sponsoring a ribbon cutting.

A little information about Armosa Studios by Armosa Studios:

“Here is the deal about our business: We are normal people, with normal lives. We love blaring music as loud as possible, interpretive dancing, and eating breakfast for dinner. Wes puts Tabasco sauce on everything, and I think my hangers have feelings. We are both horrible at punctuation, have a hard time being serious for a long period of time, and are two of the worst singers you will ever hear (sadly, that doesn’t stop us). Wes loves dress socks with cool designs, while I will run barefoot as often as possible. Wes tells the most awkward jokes, and I name everything I own. He is technical, while I follow my eye.

I think God has blessed us with the most awesome job in the world. So know before you contact us that we are real human beings, just enjoying all life has to offer us. We are proud of what we do and are excited about how we can serve you and this world.”

The Shoals Chamber captured the celebration in photos and we present them to you here:


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