17 Vehicle break-ins over the past 7 days

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Car Door LockFLORENCE – Over the past seven days there have been 17 vehicle break-ins where theft of property occurred reported to the Florence Police Department.

From the reports, the thieves are taking anything available in the vehicles; from I-pads to cellphones, from jewelry to cigarettes. The reports show  that thieves are being anything but picky about what they are taking.

These incidents are not bound to one area of Florence; rather they are occurring across the entire city.

In an interview with the Quad-Cities Daily, Sgt. Dennis Patterson explained that while this type of criminal activity does usually pick up this time of year, it is beginning to occur much more frequently than it usually does.

“It does happen a lot this time of year” Sgt. Patterson said, “but over the weekend we have had about 8 reports of cars being broken into.”Man Breaking into Car

Patterson also said that the only way to prevent these things from happening is to keep your doors locked. “People are creatures of habit” said Patterson “and it is hard to break those habits, but to protect your property that is what you need to do.”

He also stated that if you do have any valuables in the vehicle you should put them in an area that is out of sight, such as the trunk of the car.

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Michael Henderson (@jamofpearls) May 28, 2013 - 3:38 pm

Man, its a good thing Alabama just passed the law where employees can leave their guns in the car.


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