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10-Year-Old Girl Safe After 32-Hour Standoff In Itawamba County, MS

By  | December 31, 2018 | Filed under: News

ITAWAMBA COUNTY, MS-The  32-hour standoff between Mississippi Law Enforcement and a man has come to an end.  According to Itawamaba County Sheriff Chris Dickinson the ordeal ended on Sunday evening at 9:00PM after the Mississippi Highway Patrol SWAT team the home.

The 10-year-old girl is safe and the man holding her hostage is dead.  The man holding the girl hostage was Nathan Shepard he had been holding the girl hostage since Saturday.

The Itawamba County Sheriff credits the girl with saving the lives of two of his deputies saying she called 911 on Saturday and warned the dispatcher not to allow anyone to come to the door because the man, Nathan Shepard was waiting on them.   According to authorities the girl’s father, Paul Blackburn was dead when deputies first came on to the scene and Shepard was trying to hide this fact from the girl.  She discovered her father dead and became upset.

The negotiator was able to talk with both Shepard and the girl throughout the standoff.  “As long as we were talking there was hope.  So we were going to just stay with it as long as it took,” said Dickinson.

The girl is safe after the SWAT team enter the home rescued her.  The sheriff says Shepard made a mistake, which led the SWAT team to make its move on the home.  He did not elaborate on the nature of the mistake.

The sheriff did not say how Shepard or the girl’s father died.





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