Continental Championship Wrestling Fanfest: The Matches

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This a continuation of the Continental Championship Wrestling Fanfest article I wrote last week.  Fanfest happens once a year in Dothan, Alabama.  Each year the Legends of the Continental Wrestling Area are brought in for this special event.  The event is broken down into two sections:  The Meet & Greet and then the Matches.  You can find the article on the Meet & Greet here:

The Meet & Greet was over at around 7:00 PM.  Shortly thereafter, at 7:15 PM, Micaelah Gale entertained the crowd with an in ring concert.  Miss Gale is a very talented singer.  She performed several songs that had everyone stomping their feet or clapping their hands.  Let me say here that I took a reading at this time and it was 91 Degrees in the building, so Miss Gale and the Wrestlers performed under heated conditions.   If you ever get a chance to hear Miss Gale perform, you should.  You will enjoy it.  Below are some photos of Miss Gale’s performance.



The matches opened with legendary Wrestling Announcer Charlie Platt handling the opening ceremonies.  Platt brought out wrestling legend “Mr. Olympia” Jerry Stubbs.  There had been rumors circulating for weeks that Stubbs would be retiring “Mr. Olympia.”  This came to pass.  Charlie gave the audience a summary of Stubbs’ career and talked about the years he spent with “Mr. Olympia”.

Jerry took over the microphone and talked about his career as “Mr. Olympia.”  The ups and downs.  He thanked the fans for supporting him but he also said that when they “booed” him, they were in a way still supporting him.   Furthermore, his tenure as Commissioner of Continental Championship Wrestling had come

to an end so he was stepping down.    In his hands, he held a white mask with red highlights.  Turning to Charlie, he gave the “Mr. Olympia” mask to him as a memento of the time they had spent together.  Both men left the ring to the thunder of applause.



Michael Youngblood vs Pure Goodness

The first match was between Michael Youngblood and Pure Goodness.   Youngblood made his way to the ring first.  Pure Goodness came to the ring, wearing a face mask and shoulder pads, with his manager Ryan North.  Soon the chants of “Weasel” were heard from the audience toward North.  I must say this match was a contest of brute force.  There was no love lost between these two Gladiators.  Ryan North constantly interfered in the match.

At one time, Ryan North went into the audience to get a chair to help his client.  A lady sitting in the front row (later identified as Lisa Nolin) got into a tugging match with North over the chair, refusing to let him have it.  North returned to ringside, empty handed.  The action in this match spilled over to outside the ring as well as to outside the ring barrier.  Youngblood won the match via Disqualification of Pure Goodness.





Female Match

Wrestling Legend Malia Hosaka came to the ring.  She was filling in for another wrestler who could not attend.  Unfortunately, her opponent did not show so she won via forfeit.  Before leaving the ring, she called Wrestling Legend Bambi to the ring.  Bambi is helping to sponsor a signature list to get the WWE to apologize about remarks made about the Fabulous Moolah.  For you not familiar with Moolah, she made women’s Professional Wrestling what is today.  Moolah passed away November 2, 2007.



Jivin’ Jerry Stubbs

The arena’s sound systems begin to play the familiar tunes of George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone.”  Everyone that knows professional wrestling knows that that is the Bullet’s Theme Song.  Bullet Bob Armstrong is loved throughout the wrestling community.  But wait, through the smoke, is not the Bullet but, Jerry Stubbs?

Jerry is dressed in a black shirt and pants with a gold vest and black fedora hat.  He is dancing his way to ringside.  Getting the microphone he tells everyone that “he is not going anywhere.   Mr. Olympia may be retired, but Jivin’ Jerry Stubbs is here to stay.”  The fans boo Stubbs.  He soaks it up like it was nectar from the Gods.  He continues to tell the fans how “things are going to change around here.”    Then it hits, “Ba Ba Ba Bad to the bone” over the loudspeakers.

Through the smoke and blue lightning come the Bullet.  The Bullet grabs a microphone and tells Stubbs that “no one plays his entrance music.”  The fans go wild.  Stubbs replies with “he is tired of the Armstrongs running everything.  Things are about to change and Jivin’ Jerry Stubbs is going to see to that.”

The two exchanged barbs.  Stubbs told the Bullet that “he could play any entrance music he wanted and that he could out wrestle as well as out dance the Bullet.”  The Bullet took offense to that and was soon in the Ring, showing his dancing skills, even doing a little Dab.  Jivin’ Jerry showed his fancy foot work that got him boos from the crowd.

Wrestling Legend/Promoter and Continental Championship Wrestling Commissioner Cowboy Dennis Gale made his way to ringside to clear this situation up and stop the delay of the show.  Jivin’ Jerry and Gale had words.  Gale got fed you with Jivin’ Jerry’s antics and made an executive decision.  He made the Bullet the new Commissioner for Continental Championship Wrestling.

Jivin’ Jerry was livid and told the Bullet and Gale “that this wasn’t over.”

He then left the ringside area.


Dax Anthony & The Professional vs Tommy and Davey Rich with Johnny Rich

The next match was between Dax Anthony and the Professional against Tommy “Wildfire” Rich and Davey Rich, with Cousin Johnny Rich at ringside.  The Riches came out to cheers from the crowd, walking around ringside, shaking hands with the fans.

The match started and we had a couple of tests of strengths.  Davey Richey stayed in the Ring most of the time, but cousin Tommy did help out when needed.  Davey even employed some stealth, tactical, ninja move going between Tommy’s legs against the Professional.

Dax Anthony performed some aerial move as seen in the pictures below.  However the team of the Riches defeated Anthony and the Professional.  There seemed to the some miscommunication between the Professional and Dax Anthony during the match.  The two will square off against each other June 2nd, in Dothan, Alabama due to this match.


The Return of Jivin’ Jerry

Before the next match could start, Jivin’ Jerry Stubbs returned to ringside.  This time he brought with him the Masked Assassin, “Goldenboy” Chic Donovan and Pure Goodness.  Jivin’ Jerry got on the microphone and called out Bob Armstrong.  Armstrong came out but Jivin’ Jerry wanted him to stand on the other side of the barricade.

It seemed that Jivin’ Jerry had a surprise for Armstrong.  It was announced that Fannie Mae Titwaller was in the building.   Fannie Mae was an ex-girlfriend of Armstrong’s many years ago and had caused him problems several times.  Fannie Mae came into the arena but was spurned by Armstrong.  She left in a huff.  Armstrong told Jivin’ Jerry that this trick didn’t work and left ringside.

Not to be outdone, Jivin’ Jerry issued a challenge to anyone in the back to wrestle one of his men.  Worley came out to accept the challenge.  Jivin’ Jerry tell him to pick an opponent.   Worley picked Chic Donovan.    Chic invites him into the ring where all three of Jivin’ Jerry’s men jumped him.  The beat down on Worley continues until you here the crowd erupt.  Here comes “Cowboy” Dennis Gale, “The American Giant” David Bezner and Road Warrior Animal.

Bezner was able to pull Worley from the ring and the onslaught from the three wrestlers.  Gale distracted them while Road Warrior Animal entered the ring.  A staring contest began but soon, the Road Warrior had run Chic and Pure Goodness from the ring.  The Masked Assassin lay in the ring, beaten down by Animal.

Jivin’ Jerry vowed that he would return June 2nd to Dothan with a team that will straighten out the odds.

  The Beautiful Bald Besties vs Frankie “The Thumper” Lancaster & “Wildcat” Wendall Cooley

To say that the Beautiful Bald Besties are unique is an understatement.  They entered the ring in a flourish that was “different.”  The Besties were to take on the team of Frankie “The Thumper” Lancaster and “Wildcat” Wendall Cooley.  Thumper and Cooley are two Legends of Professional Wrestling.   Lancaster and Cooley were a little older and had a little less hair; but both men appeared to be in phenomenal shape.

Before the match started, one of the Besties got into a verbal argument with a female fan (later identified as Rena Herrell) at ringside.  Miss Herrell gave the Besties quite a “tongue lashing.” This was almost as interesting as watching a match.  The Bestie finally backed down from Miss Herell.

The match started off slow with the two teams figuring out the other.   That didn’t last long.  Before long the match was wide open.   “Wildcat” Cooley and “The Thumper” Lancaster took it to the Besties.  The Besties tried to call a time out.   There are no time outs in Wrestling.   The Besties did mount an offensive against the veterans.

However the two Legends were able to overcome the Besties’ offense and pin their opponents.  After the match everyone left ringside.   Lancaster came back and wished all the Mothers in the audience a Happy Mother’s Day for the next day.  Now that is a touch of class.

The Monster Pain vs. Tetchi Makji with Ryan North

This was a match between two giants.  Both opponents are quick but have the power and strength to back it up.  The match was a seesaw back and forth on who is coming out on top.  Of course, Ryan North constantly interfered in the match.  Imagine that.  I am starting to see a pattern about this.

This match took place in and out of the ring.  There were a lot of power moves as well as high flying moves by the Monster Pain.  Don’t let it be said that big men can’t fly, because the Monster pain proved that wrong.  He came off the top of the ring ropes several times.

I am here to tell you that the Monster Pain speared Makji at one point in the match.  I felt the ring shift when they hit.   There was a lot of power in this move.  The Monster Pain was pinned but it appeared that Makji had put or sprayed something in the eyes of the Monster Pain.  I am sure we have not seen the last of these two meeting.

The Dirty Blondes with Robert Fuller vs Jimmy & Bobby Golden

This match took on the hue of the Hatfields and McCoys.  It was Brother against Brother, Cousins agonist Cousins.  The Fuller –Golden situation has been going on for years.  Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden made one of the best tag teams in the 1980s.   They won several Tag Team Titles throughout various territories.      However, as good as they worked together, when they were feuding, it was a major feud.

Robert Fuller came out with his Tag Team, the Dirty Blondes.  As they were getting into the ring, I was standing at ringside, taking photos.  I heard someone over my shoulder saying “take my picture, take my picture.”  Looking around, there stood Robert Fuller.  What do you do?   I took his picture.

Jimmy Golden and his son Bobby Golden soon came to ringside.  Jimmy was wearing a shirt that said “Dirty Blondes suck eggs” which infuriated Robert Fuller.  At ringside, Robert Fuller got on the microphone and told Cousin Jimmy that they should just go on and leave before they got hurt.  Robert also told Bobby Golden he was on the wrong side.

The teams got into the ring were it was no time before the action began.  Bobby Golden started for his team.  He was able to mount an offense but it didn’t last.  The Dirty Blondes began to double team the youngster.  When Bobby finally was able to make the tag to his Dad, Jimmy came into the ring on fire.

Soon, the Blondes had Jimmy trapped in the corner where his shirt was torn off and he was choked with it.  Jimmy was able to tag Bobby back in.  Robert Fuller and the Blondes triple teamed and double teamed Bobby.  Bobby was pinned for the win by the Blondes.   While leaving the ringside area, Robert Fuller got on the microphone again and starting telling Jimmy and Bobby how they had gone wrong.

However, Robert Fuller was in for a surprise.  The Tennessee Stud Ron Fuller soon walked to ringside.  After admonishing Robert Fuller, Ron Fuller was asked to be Jimmy and Bobby’s Manager.  Ron thought for a moment and then agreed to manage the Goldens.  This is not over between this family.  They will meet again and it will be big clash.


Tyson Dean & Jerry “The King” Lawler vs John Saxon & Dr. Tom Prichard.

This match was supposed to be Tyson Dean against John Saxon.  Saxon came to the ring and got on the microphone stating that he “should be in the main event, not the old guys.”  A fan at ringside (later identified as Georgian Gentry) took offense to this and began to scold Saxon.  At this time, Saxon made the mistake of telling Miss Gentry to “sit down Grandma.”  Miss Gentry began to give Saxon a “tongue lashing.”

Tyson Dean came to the ring ready to start the match.  However, Saxon wasn’t finished.  He continued on the microphone about he should be in the main event not Jerry Lawler.  At this time the theme music of Jerry “The King” Lawler started playing.  The King soon came to ringside.  Climbing into the ring, Lawler got on the microphone, wanting to know what Saxon’s problem was.

Saxon began to pose and told Lawler that he was the face of wrestling now, not Lawler.  Saxon continued his “old comments.” Lawler made the suggestion that since he was supposed to face Dr. Tom Prichard in the Main Event, they should change this match into the Main Event.  Tyson Dean and Jerry “The King” Lawler would face john Saxon and Dr. Tom Prichard.

Dr. Tom Prichard soon made his way to ringside.  He climbed into the ring and agreed to the match.  Lawler told Prichard about Saxon’s comments about the “old guys.”  Prichard and Saxon soon had a “discussion” about this.  Saxon quickly told Prichard, he wasn’t talking about him.

The match finally started.  Saxon started for his team while Lawler started for his team.  The match went back and forth between the two men.  At one point, Saxon had Lawler in their corner where Prichard grabbed Lawler’s arm, turned around and began working the arm as if it was a pumping handle.   Lawler was able to get out of this and the math moved back to the center of the ring.

Soon Saxon had Lawler back in their corner the pump handle move was used against Lawler again.  Lawler escaped and the two men locked up again.  Lawler backed Saxon into Prichard’s Corner, where Prichard grabbed Saxon’s arm, not looking, and began to pump handle on his own partner.

This was just the first of miscommunications and problems between Saxon and Prichard.  Several times, plans did not work out for them.  Lawler tagged in Tyson Dean.  Dean and Saxon had a test of strength as well as several near falls.  Dean was doubled teamed by Prichard and Saxon.

Dean was finally able to tag in Lawler.  Lawler quickly came in, dropping the strap on his singlet, letting everyone know that things were about to pick up.  Saxon was tagged in.  Lawler was about to maneuver Saxon into his world famous Pile Driver.  When Lawler dropped Saxon on his head with the Pile Driver, it was over 1-2-3.

Prichard blamed Saxon for the loss.  He further stated that he was tired of Lawler.  He promised to get in touch with Superstar Bill Dundee and they would be meeting again.


So at 11:30 PM, after taking 4,600 photos, using two battery packs and two media cards, the matches were over and I finally got to sit down.  I was worn out.  I just sat down on the ring steps and rested.  Looking out over the crowd as they left the building, I realized that I have had the time of my life.

Sitting there, a fan walked up to me and asked if I will be back for the big show in June there in Dothan?  Looking at him and thinking on what all hurt and how tired I was, I replied to him “yes, yea I will.”

P.S.  By the time this article was published, the June match is over with.  I did not get to make it.  However, there is a big card of matches scheduled for July 7th, 2018.  I will be there for that.


    Bobby Inman has retired twice from Law Enforcement after 21 years of Service.  He is a Consultant for Southern Heritage Gun & Pawn in Tuscumbia.   He has articles published in Law & Order Magazine, Police Marksman Magazine, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine as well as several published ebooks on Amazon, Kobo Writing, as well as Nook (Barnes & Noble).  He is owner of Poopiedog, an Animal Rescue Dachshund, who is his constant companion.   He is a Senior Investigative Reporter for the Quad Cities Daily

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