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Bobby Inman

Veteran Law Enforcement Officer (retired), Bobby Inman has been in Public Service for many years. He wrote this informational article on firearms ownership and the responsible use of guns.

“Dec, 2015:                   14 dead, 21 wounded,             San Bernardino, Calif.

Nov, 2015:                   3 dead; 9 injured,                     Colorado Springs, Colo.

Oct, 2015:                    9 dead, 9 injured,                      Roseburg, Ore.

July, 2015:                    5 dead, 3 wounded:                  Chattanooga, Tenn.

   The list goes on. Someone has entered a School, a Church, a Movie Theater or a United States Armed Forces Recruiting Station, and injured or took the lives of innocent people.   Home Invasions are a common term now, when it was unheard of 20 years ago. People are killing, robbing or attacking others on a daily basis. The local and national news carry these headlines.  

   There are bad people in this world. Firearm sales are through the roof. People are buying firearms to protect their Husband, Wife, Kids, Parents or themselves. It has been proven that a person with a legally concealed firearm has stopped crimes in progress. Is it time for you to purchase a firearm to protect you and yours?

   Knowledge is a powerful tool. Purchasing a firearm requires knowledge. You have to make that decision to purchase a firearm that fits your needs. There are several things that you need to take under consideration on this purchase. First, find a firearm that fits YOUR hand and that you can operate.   What works for someone else may not work for you. Go to a firearms dealer and look over the inventory. Learn how the firearm operates and what it will take from you to work that firearm. Buy what is best for you to fit your needs.

   Now that you have bought a firearm, there are other things to consider.   If it is a handgun and you plan on carrying it concealed for personal protection, you need a Concealed Carry Permit.   Go to the Sheriff’s Department where you live and fill out the application for this permit. It is not very expensive. You have your permit now, now you need proper training on your firearm.

You have an Uncle who has been “around guns” for his whole life. That can be good or bad. He may not have the knowledge that a quality trainer has.   Seek out Certified Training.   There are private shooting schools out there. Get reviews on them from attendees of their classes or the internet. Secondly, several Sheriff or Police Departments offer Safety Courses to the public. Sign up for this training. Learn to safely handle your firearm.

   Remember safe Gun Ownership begins with you.   Stay safe and be alert.”

Bobby Inman is a Certified Law Enforcement and Civilian Trainer. He has just stared his 18th year in Law Enforcement. Inman owns Hammer Down Gun & Pawn in Sheffield.

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