Hazel Minter Campbell

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Hazel Minter Campbell  On Sunday February 12, 2023 Hazel Minter Campbell breathed her last breath on this earth at 11:52 a.m. and breathed the air of heaven for the first time. She was preceded in death by her parents Raymon and Odessa Minter, her sister Sara Reeder, and her husband Clifford Campbell Jr.. She is survived by her sister Wilodean Whitley, two sons Gary(Karen) Campbell, Greg(Donna) Campbell, two granddaughters Ellen Elizabeth Bankester(David), Emily Anne Campbell, two great granddaughters Anna Kate Campbell, Charlotte Anne Bankester and four beloved sitters Rita, Annie, Adri and Peronica.

Throughout her life Hazel held many jobs, kindergarten teacher, social worker, grocery store owner, antiques dealer, bookstore clerk and secretary at Home Pest Control, but her greatest job was as Mother and Granny. She loved her family and was often seen at ballgames, scouting events and school functions. She loved her church, Central Baptist Decatur, where she worked for years as a 4th grade Sunday school teacher. When she did finally go to an adult ladies Sunday school class she was faithful there to reach out to fellow classmates who were sick or had become homebound. She often spoke fondly of the ladies in her class and really enjoyed getting together with her Sunday school friends. The last 2 1/2 years of her life the roles were reversed and she became a homebound church member much like the ones she had ministered to herself.
Even though she was unable to physically attend church she often enjoyed the T.V. ministries of Central Baptist Church Decatur and First Baptist Church Huntsville. The Hospice chaplains, Otto and Brandon, visited her, as well as the TLC ministry of Central Baptist. Often they would sit and sing with her and her sitter. Later, we would hear from them telling us how her face would light up as she mouthed the words they sang. We the family are so thankful to those who participated in those ministries and visited with her. Even though she didn’t speak we felt like she understood us and upon hearing that she sang along we were greatly comforted. She loved her sitters and it was because of their love for her that she was able to stay in her home and live out her days there. We are forever grateful to these beautiful ladies who gave of themselves. For those of us who believe that Jesus is God’s son who gave himself to die on the cross to pay the debt of sin that we owed but could never pay, and was then raised to life again after three days we grieve now as we are separated from Hazel but one day our tears will be wiped away and we will be together again worshipping our blessed Lord and savior for all eternity.
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