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30 Years of Innovation with the Shoals Business Incubator

By  | May 4, 2022 | Filed under: News

THE SHOALS– With the mission to diversify the regional economy by creating new local-based sustainable companies, the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center launched in the spring of 1992.  Rebranding in 2017, the SEC is now operating as the Shoals Business Incubator.

A group of visionaries led by Mr. Hollie Allen and multiple community leaders formed one of the earliest business incubators in the country.  During the last 30 years, the Shoals area has seen billions of dollars in economic impact flow from the hundreds of companies created in this network.

Beginning with an emphasis to serve young manufacturing companies, the Shoals Business Incubator now houses young businesses ranging in type from information technology, research and design, and food production.

What began with one faculty in the Florence Lauderdale Industrial Park now operates out of four unique locations spread across the Shoals.

SBI President Giles McDaniel

Unique to this network, is the Shoals Commercial Culinary Center, a specialty FDA-approved facility, offering economic opportunity to emerging food-based start-ups.

“Over Three decades, we’ve continued to provide an environment where young companies can to thrive and grow” says SBI President Giles McDaniel.

One of the more recent initiatives sponsored by Shoals Business Incubator was securing a one-million dollar Appalachian Regional Commission Power Grant, this grant lead to the creation of what is now Shoals Shift, an effort to attract, nurture and promote the knowledge-based economy.

“SBI is uniquely situated to continue investing in founders by providing access to resources that fit their particular niche” says SBI President Giles McDaniel.

Media Release/SBI/Giles McDaniel

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