ADPH Employee Killed By Pack Of Dogs; Dog Owner Charged With Manslaughter

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Brandy Lee Dowdy

RED BAY-An Employee for the Alabama Department of Public Health was killed by a pack of dogs.  The dog attacked Jacqueline Beard, a Department of Public Health employee for almost 17 years, as she was investigating an earlier dog attack.

Beard was killed by the same pack of dogs that were involved in the earlier attack that sent a woman to the hospital with injuries.

A call was received at approximately 6:00PM about a suspicious vehicle parked on Crumpton Road just outside of Red Bay.  When Franklin County Deputies arrived they discovered Beard.  She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sheriff Oliver say several dogs started attacking residents while the deputies were investigating the vehicle on Crumpton Road.  One person did receive minor injuries during this attack.

Authorities said some of the dogs were euthanized on the spot. Sheriff Shannon Oliver says the deputies believe Beard was attempting to contact the owner of the dogs when she was attacked and killed.

Brandy Lee Dowdy, the owner of the dogs, was arrested and charged with manslaughter and the dangerous dog law, known as Emily’s Law, which allows charges against owners of dogs who severely injure or kill someone.  Neighbors said Dowdy was a dog advocate and owned around 27 dogs.

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