Governor Kay Ivey: Removal of Russian Liquor from ABC Stores

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  Virginia, Montgomery County remove Russian-sourced vodka from store shelvesMONTGOMERY-Governor Ivey has immediately asked for the removal of Russian liquor from ABC Stores throughout the state. The governor also issued the following statement:

“This is a small, but meaningful way to take action and show the people of Ukraine we support them while also firmly stating our opposition to the unnecessary humanitarian crisis Russia has inexcusably created. I encourage all Alabama citizens and businesses to explore ways they can show support for Ukraine and discourage Russia for continuing this unreasonable siege on a neighboring country.” – Governor Kay Ivey



Mac Gipson, Administrator Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board 


Governor Kay Ivey KI 


February 28, 2022 


Removal of Russian Liquor from ABC Stores 

I know that you watched in dismay last weekwith me, with the people of Alabama, and indeed with the entire Nationas Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated an unprovoked and dangerous war against Ukraine, our democratic ally

As a show of solidarity with the people of Ukraine, I am asking you, as ABC Board Administrator, to immediately remove all Russiansourced liquor products from the shelves of ABC stores throughout the State of Alabama. Please note that this request applies only to liquor products actually sourced in Russia and does not extend to Russianthemed liquor products that are sourced in some other nation. The removal should be in effect until further notice

Russias invasion of Ukraine puts millions of innocent lives at risk and represents an allout assault on democracy. It is my hope that, by taking this action, the State of Alabama may contribute to Russias justly deserved and increasing economic isolation. Through this action, we strive to express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they oppose this senseless attack not just on their homeland but also on the democratic principles that we, too, hold so dear.

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