Limestone County Sheriff’s Deputies Receive Life Saving Award

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Chief Deputy Fred Sloss, Deputy Lucas Ferrell, and Sheriff Joshua McLaughlin

ATHENS-Limestone County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, Jake Abernathy and Lucas Ferrell received the Life Saving Award this week.

These awards were a result of an incident that occurred on July 15, 2021, at approximately 6:00 p.m., where the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a male subject drowning off the Easter Ferry bridge near Morris Rd. Deputies Clanton and Ferrell were dispatched to the call.  Deputy Abernathy was on his way home but responded to the call as well.  Deputy Abernathy was the first on scene and saw a young male subject approximately 800 yards from the bridge struggling in the water. During this time, Deputies Clanton and Ferrell arrived and met up with Deputy Abernathy in the wooded area across from the victim.  Deputy Abernathy entered the water, swam across the river to the victim and began rescue procedures. The current was swift, and Deputy Abernathy lost his grip on the victim.  Deputy Ferrell entered the water, swam out to Deputy Abernathy’s location and was able to gain control of the victim and pull him to the shoreline where Deputy Clanton and others were able to pull the victim from the water.  Exhausted themselves, both Deputies Abernathy and Ferrell had to be helped from the water.  Thanks to Abernathy, Ferrell, and other first responders on the scene, the victim was transported to the hospital where he made a full recovery.


“The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office is committed to protecting the lives of our citizens.  Deputies Abernathy and Ferrell’s selfless act of heroism during this life-saving action, is an excellent example of this commitment.  I would also like to praise the actions of all first responders that assisted in this rescue. ”  

Media Release/Michelle Williamson/Director of Community Relations/Grants/Limestone County Commission/Public Information Officer/Limestone County Sheriff’s Office

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