R.I.P. Robert Walker – Businessman, Community Leader, Quiet Philanthropist, Much Loved

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Robert Walker

THE SHOALS – The Quad Cities Daily, as a rule, doesn’t editorialize. But here is an Editorial, perhaps more a tribute to a person who quietly, and seeking no accolades from the public, improved the lives of so many people; many of whom will not even recognize his name. Robert Walker of Zip City, Alabama passed away Saturday night, January 9, 2021. Those who were blessed to have know him are today, with broken hearts, struggling to grasp the enormity of their loss.

COVID-19, an invisible monster, took him. And like so many people who died too soon from this plague, leaving their families in grief and despair for their loss, Robert has joined that “innumerable caravan” of souls who have cast off their mortal coils and have left this place and time. The only things anybody truly has in common after they pass on to their reward. are the enduring gifts to others who remain behind, waiting… hoping… trusting that they will someday be reunited with the ones they love.

Robert Walker and his immediate family at P&K Western Store

Robert’s family, wife Vicki; children Kelly Robinson and Bobby Walker and their families’ deep sense of grief will one day be assuaged by the memory of the remarkable life of their patriarch.

Robert Walker and Buddy at P&K Western Store – March 2019

He was the champion of people who looked for inspiration as to how to live a meaningful and giving existence. Whether they recognized it or not, Robert, by his example, showed everyone he touched how they could honor their own truths, while at the same moment respect, and not devalue, the truths of others.

There will be a memorial service for Robert Walker at the Zip City Barn, next to P&K Western Wear this Thursday from Noon until 2:00 PM.

He went too soon.

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