Thomas Spence A New Voice For District 5 Florence

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Thomas Spence

Having been a resident of District 5 for 22 years, I believe a new voice on its behalf is significant as our city continues to evolve towards the future. I hope to represent our district visibly, openly, and with integrity. A fresh perspective is an added value in assisting our district’s needs for improvement. Although I have not held an official public office, my determination and commitment to District 5 are a few of many advantages I intend to bring forth if elected.

Being an engaged leader throughout the community is familiar to me. I have worked closely with organizations throughout The Shoals and have built relationships through these endeavors. I have worked personally and professionally throughout our community in relation to Veterans Affairs, The Department of Human Resources, Shoals Chamber of Commerce—where I served as an ambassador, the nursing home industry, hospitals, Highlands Outreach, and as an active parent within the Florence City School System. Being involved and collaborating with others is something I am passionate about. In my experience, staying engaged and communicating is essential in helping establish the best outcome for all parties involved.

I have a vested interest in building on District 5’s current foundation and helping it continue to prosper towards the future. It is important to maintain our growth while ensuring that progress made is done so positively for the overall district. Continued growth being addition to subdivisions or businesses, road improvements, removal of blighted and depilated structures, or voiced concerns in relations to county and district lines, these potential avenues of growth have been brought to my attention multiple times. It is important to address topics such as these, and actively help foster them in order to continue moving District 5 forward.

Having worked closely with the elderly and veterans within the medical field for over 30 years, I have first-hand experience on the importance of being an advocate for others. Not only has my career given me knowledge on how to assist on others behalf, it has also given me opportunities within group settings to aid and support co-workers in determining outcomes that are collectively beneficial. This will be an advantage when having to advocate for District 5’s best interests. As we evolve as a society and continue to grow it is important to ensure other elements involved in the function of our district continue as well. Examples that have been brought to my attention is the need for an additional fire engine and ladder in Station 5 and better support towards community policing due to growth. As a supporter of first responders, being an advocate for these resources is fundamental for District 5’s future. My career has also seen me on the front line as an essential worker, in navigating safe courses of action related to COVID19. Helping preserve people’s safety while helping prevent future ripple effects occur from this pandemic is crucial in how we continue to move forward.

Open communication is essential in helping evaluate our district and properly advocating on its behalf. It is efficient for District 5 to have ongoing communication that is accessible. Staying engaged and replying in a timely manner to voiced questions and concerns is also critical to District 5’s productivity. Quarterly community meetings and staying active through social media updates are ways I intend on making sure our district and myself stay properly informed on current events for District 5 and the City of Florence.

I am hopeful that being a new voice on behalf of district 5 will positively assist our district as we evolve. In doing this, I believe it is essential to be an engaged leader throughout our community while working with others throughout the City of Florence to ensure positive continuous growth for district 5. I am motivated to advocate for our district’s best interests and realize the importance of transparency as we navigate towards a better future. An old friend, A new voice, you have a choice! I would appreciate you consideration, remember to vote SPENCE on October 6, 2020.

Media Release/Elect Thomas Spence District 5 Florence, Alabama 

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