Freeman supports Steve Stanley for Sheffield Mayor

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Sheffield City Counsel Member Penny Freeman

SHEFFIELD – Outgoing Sheffield City Council Member, Penny Freeman and former candidate for Mayor has thrown her support behind fellow council member, Steve Stanley in the October 6th runoff election for the city’s top job. Freeman ran a close race with Stanley, losing to him by a single vote. As such, her voice carries the weight of a large portion of Sheffield’s electorate.

Here is her endorsement statement:

“To my supporters,
We ran a great race, a monumental race to be quite frank. We showed the city and everyone looking that hard work, dedication, and a heart for the people mattered in our great city. We fell a bit short, but we planted a seed of hope in the women, children, and anyone willing to test their limits.
For those of you who feel disappointment, know that the race is still being run. There is still work to do. We need a mayor who will listen to the needs and concerns of the community and take meaningful steps towards reaching an outcome. We need a mayor who actively champions the success of each and every citizen.

Candidate for sheffield Mayor, Steve Stanley

I didn’t have to have any special conversations with Steve Stanley to know he would be a mayor for everyone, I’ve had four years to learn who he is and where his heart is. He will stand strong for you, for me, and for all of Sheffield. On Oct. 6th, let’s take a step towards a better Sheffield; let’s elect Steve Stanley Mayor.”


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