Athens And Huntsville Centers Looking For Volunteers To Test COVID-19 Vaccine

By  | August 24, 2020 | Filed under: News

ATHENS-Athens and Huntsville have been selected to be two of 150 test sites for the testing of a potential vaccine to help stop the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This  comes after the director of research at the North Alabama Research Center of Athens, Tonya Pryor says.   Both NARC and The Medical Affiliated Research Center located in Huntsville have been chosen to conduct trials for a new drug from Pfizer that could serve as a potential vaccine for COVID-19.

These trails are phase Three in the testing of this drug.  The research centers are looking for 600 patients which will receive either the drug or a placebo.  50% of the patients will receive the drug and 50% will receive the placebo.  Pryor says this phase will be confirming and expanding the safety and how effective phase one and two have been.

According to Pryor the enrollment in this program could begin within the next month.  The screening for this will take between 3 to 4 months and the study will take another two years.

During the time spent in the vaccine trials for COVID the patients will receive free medical care related to this study, including testing for COVID-19, antibody testing, along with blood and lab work with EKGs and some physical assessment.

To participate, patients must meet certain criteria, including: no cancer in the last five years, no previous diagnosis of COVID-19, no autoimmune disorders or unmanaged pre-existing conditions and being an adult under the age of 85. Other restrictions may apply. Those who qualify will also be financially compensated. Pryor encouraged anyone interested in participating to contact NARC after the enrollment period begins and can (and should) consult with their primary care physician.

Dr. David Pryor, president elect of Athens-Limestone Hospital  will be overseeing the study at the Athens and Huntsville locations.

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