ABC Stores Allow Curbside Sales From Licensed Businesses

By  | March 19, 2020 | Filed under: News

Image result for abc store sheffield MONTGOMERY-ON Tuesday evening, March 117 the ABC Board confirmed an emergency sale of alcoholic beverages curbside by licensed locations throughout the state.

Under the order, locations licensed to sell alcohol for on-premise and/or off premise consumption will be able to sell via curbside for pick-up or takeout service. It does not mean businesses will be able to sell “drinks to go.”

The emergency rule does not allow the sale of mixed drinks or open containers of alcohol to go. An “unopened container” is defined as “a container containing beverages, which has not been opened or unsealed subsequent to filling and sealing by the manufacturer,”  said an ABC spokesperson.

Consumers will be limited to one 750-ml bottle of spirits; one 750-ml bottle of wine; or a six pack of beer. Identification and age requirements remain in place. All products must be sold in sealed, unopened containers.

The request comes after the Alabama’s state-owned liquor ABC stores announced it was closing as many as 78 locations to address concerns over the coronavirus.

On March 17 78 state-owned ABC stores closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Employees of the closed stores have been reassigned to other locations. On Wednesday ABC stores will only allow 5 customers maximum in the store at one time.

ABC stores that remain open will operate between noon-7 p.m. with the exception of wholesale only stores, where hours will remain the same. Customers will not be allowed to pull their own products. Store personnel will ask customers for their order, retrieve the products and bring them to the counter for check-out.  Customers are asked to pay for their purchase with a credit card if possible. If cash must be used, customers should place the requested amount on the counter and store personnel will return their change in the same manner.
Employees will be required to wear gloves. Masks are optional, at this time.


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