Florence Census 2020 Kick Off

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Florence City School students featured in the Florence 2020 Census video (pictured): Kori McCarley Kamarie Cherry, Tory Jones: (not pictured) Rylee Tennison, Paula Curiel, Nicholas Pajarico, Jack Butler

FLORENCE-On Tuesday, October 8 Florence Council Auditorium was full of community leaders joining efforts for the upcoming Census 2020. After performing the 2010 Census, federal officials estimate the population of Florence was undercounted by as much as 30 percent, costing the community significant funding.


IMG-9666To be certain the 2020 Census is more accurate, Florence is launching a campaign to promote the message that EVERYONE COUNTS! The goal is to make sure every person is reflected in the official count on April 1, 2020. The Florence Census website (https://florencecensus2020.com/), which launched today, includes videos of residents, business owners, and officials encouraging participation.


“Census Day” is April 1, 2020. Households will receive an invitation to participate before Census Day with three options to respond: by phone, by mail, or (for the first time) online.


Mayor Steve Holt emphasized the importance of participating in the census, “This is critical. Aside from being used to allocate federal and state funds once every ten years, we get the opportunity to see who we are as a community. Accurate numbers are vital to our economic development.”


If you would like to partner with the Complete Count Committee and help spread the message, please email info@florencecensus2020.com.


Why the Census Is Important

Census data is used in a number of ways, including the determination of $675 billion in federal assistance through programs in our community such as roads, hospitals, emergency services, school lunches, and many other essential programs will depend on this data.


Melissa Bailey, Director of Florence Planning and Community Development, explains the importance of participating in the census, “At the local level, census data is critical not only in receiving our fair share of federal funding for schools and roads but also for public safety planning and emergency preparedness. For Florence, an accurate population count is a true

‘quality of life’ issue.”


Hard to count

Areas in East and West Florence are listed on the federal Hardest To Count (HTC) maps, with the return rate of 73% or less on mailed forms.


Census officials say Shoals undercounted populations tend to include children (especially in split households), the elderly, the homeless, transient students, and non-residents.

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