Chloe’s Fund Inaugural Hot Diggity Dog Wash Helping Florence Lauderdale Animal Services with Medical Expenses

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 FLORENCE-Chloe’s Fund has been very busy this year supplying funds for emergency medical services to both cats and dogs helping Florence Lauderdale Animal Services (FLAS). Money is getting low again and it’s time for a fundraiser – our inaugural Hot Diggity Dog Wash on Saturday, September 14 from 10am-3pm. Join members of the UNA Girl’s Softball team and Volunteers from FLAS as they make your four-legged furbaby (dogs only) smell all clean and have fun doing it! The Hot Diggity Dog Wash will take place at Florence Lauderdale Animal Services located at 3240 Roberson Road in the Florence Industrial Park. Fees are $10 for small dogs, $12 for medium size dogs and $15 for large dogs.

If you really want to help both the Shelter and Chloe’s Fund, you can “Check Out” a Shelter dog for ‘Pamper Me’ time! One of our volunteers will be happy to help you walk thru the Shelter Dog Kennels and choose a dog with a ‘Pamper Me’ sign on its kennel. Just think of it as a double-blessing; helping out Chloe’s Fund by having your ‘Pamper Me’ dog washed and getting the Shelter dog out for a walk, a bath and some much-needed fun time. Who might even find your new best friend!

Chloe’s Fund was started in March of 2017 after Shelter volunteers, Glen and Debby Nelson lost their beloved dog of 16 years, Chloe. After Chloe’s passing, Debby set out on a mission to help as many sick and injured Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter animals as possible. Since its inception, Chloe’s Fund vetted countless number of cats and dogs suffering from various illnesses and in need of medical attention and medication. Prior to Chloe’s Fund, Florence Lauderdale Animal Services could not treat every unwell cat or dog that entered its doors. Their only hope was the possibility of a rescue organization stepping up and financing the needed veterinary care. For those animals with costly medical bills predicted and no rescue hero in sight, our dedicated shelter employees were faced with heartbreaking decisions; these decisions never get easier and no one ever willingly wants to make them.

Don’t forget – it’s the Hot Diggity Dog Wash day for Chloe’s Fund at Florence Lauderdale Animal Services on Saturday, September 14 from 10am-3pm. See you there!

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