Colbert County Extension Tomato Sandwich Day… Gettin’ there by the Scenic Route – EVENT PHOTOS

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Brother Dave Gardner – “The Origin of Rock ‘n’ Roll”

“Little David was out in the field abiding the sheeps. and his Papa drew nigh unto him and said, “Son, there’s a thundershower coming up. Let’s get the sheep outta’ here.”

Little David said, “But Papa, where will us take ‘em? Over to Lawrence Welk’s house?”

He say, “Don’t bug me with no trivia!” Said, “I want you to take some vittles to you brothers who is doing battle with the Philadelphians.”

Little David say, “All right, Papa. (Seeing that his Papa seen favor in it, he done a back-flip). He say, “Who is gonna abide with the sheep?”

And Papa say, “I’m is.” (Which is Arabic for, ‘I am’).

And he say, “Bye Papa”.

And he say, “Bye, Boy”.

And he say, “Bye, sheep.” (And they say, “Baaaa – Baaa”).

And he departs out across the hot sand with an assortment of goodies. And he gets over to where his brothers is dug into the ground… yes. And he say, “Ho, Brothers.”

And they say, “Hey, Dave, how come it is you left the sheep?”

And he say, “’Cause, I’d rather fight.”

And he say, “Well, everybody to their own gig…”

He said, “Look! I done brought y’all somethin’-other to eat!”

And they said, “What has you brung us? Said, “Us is ham hongry!”

And he says, “I’s brought you some Kosher, charcoal-broiled sow’s ears. Some sliced sow’s snouts. Some black eyed peas and okra and stewed tomatoes on light bread sandwiches. (So that you have to lift and eat fast, lest it fall through the crust). Four RC’s, two Moon Pies, and some after-sippin, flippin’ and dippin’ snuff.

Oh! His brothers rejoiced! And they fell upon the goodies and consumed them… (With the gusto of a hound dog).” – Brother Dave Gardner

TUSCUMBIA – So… We started you there, to get you here. Every year the Colbert County Extension Service throws a lunch party on the Colbert County Courthouse grounds to celebrate our agricultural heritage. And, naturally… The meal consists of tomato sandwiches. A traditionally Southern repast, tomato sandwiches are a food staple in most homes in late Summer, when the fruits are the most ripe, supple and flavorable.

This past Friday, folks showed up from the cities, towns, and unincorporated areas of Northwest Alabama to join in the celebration. By noontime the County Courthouse was unusually quiet, as the regular denizens of the halls and offices were outside feasting.

The Quad Cities Daily was there too, taking our famous EVENT PHOTOS, and consuming tomato sandwiches… (With the gusto of a hound dog.)

If you would like to hear, “The Origin of Rock ‘n’ Roll or David and Goliath as told by Brother Dave Gardner” on YouTube, CLICK HERE.
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