Singleton’s Sheriff’s Department to be featured in magazine

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY – Longtime and highly-respected, Lauderdale County Sheriff, Rick Singleton and his department are slated to be featured in the next Quarterly issue of Alabama Sheriffs Star Magazine. The magazine is published by Callan Publishing, Inc. of Minneapolis.

The magazine dispatched Editorial Director, Anna Bye down to Lauderdale County to meet Sheriff Singleton and tour his department. The Lauderdale Sheriff’s Department was elevated to this coverage by recommendations from other Alabama Sheriffs who recognize and appreciate the high level of professionalism and integrity at every level of Singleton’s operation.

(L-R) Robert Walker, Sheriff Rick singleton and Jerry Clemmons

One of the outstanding aspects of the organization is Singleton’s support of various Lauderdale County Neighborhood Watch programs. The Quad Cities Daily caught up with Sheriff Singleton in Zip City, a rural community located up near the Tennessee State Line. He met with Watch Leader, Jerry Clemmons and Zip City resident Robert Walker. They informed reporter Bye of Callan Publishing, of the various aspects of the excellent Neighborhood Watch program in this tightly-knit, friendly community. Sheriff single told us that these organizations work hand-in-hand with local sheriff’s departments throughout the State to increase the effectiveness of the paid professional Deputies by putting more eyes and ears on their home-town neighborhoods. “They really help us a lot,” Singleton said, “The more eyes we have in these rural areas, the better. People sleep easier at night, knowing these trained volunteers are out here.”

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