New Businesses In Florence – May 2019

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FLORENCE– Mayor Holt is pleased to announce that fifteen new brick and mortar businesses received their business license during May 2019.  The business list includes a manufacturer, retail stores, an array of professional service providers and establishments, and a restaurant.  Florence’s commitment to business is a foundational value, and we are thrilled that the listed businesses chose the City of Florence to locate their business.


No.                  Name of Business                                        Address

  1. FloBlo –  A Blow Dry Bar                      312 N. Pine St., Ste. B
  2. Olive Wellness (CBD Store)                  2701 Mall Rd. #10
  3. The Lotus Recovery House                  527 E. Mobile St.
  4. Medical Center Pharmacy                   1751 Veterans Dr. Ste.105
  5. Fancy Produce                                      3803 Chisholm Rd.
  6. Acceptance Now (at Electronic Exp.)    398 Cox Creek Pkwy.
  7. Adventech                                            4021 Parkway Dr.
  8. Finger Promise Nail Salon                    1505 N. Wood Ave.
  9. Saylor, John C. (Attorney)                     323 S. Walnut St.
  10. Taco Mama                                           121 S. Cherry St.
  11. Wonderful Spa                                      1841 Darby Dr.
  12. Royal Beauty and More Supply            1707 Darby Dr. Ste. A
  13. Fix N’ Go                                                847 Cox Creek Pkwy.
  14. Medical Business Management            216 Marengo St.,
  15. McCutcheon, Diana                              426 W. College St.


Please continue to support all of our businesses.  The success of our businesses has a significant impact on our local economy.  If you are interested in opening a business in Florence, please contact Melissa Bevis, Business Development Coordinator, at 256-740-6086.


Media Release/Rachel Mansell Koonce/City of Florence Mayor’s Office/Media & Outreach

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