Snees, Snow It Is All The Same

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Image may contain: plant, tree and outdoorScotland has 421 words for “snow”…Some examples: sneesl (to start raining or snowing); feefle (to swirl); flinkdrinkin (a light snow).

Snow facts:

Snow is actually clear. Snowflakes are made out of ice crystals, so when light passes through, it bends and bounces off each individual crystal. The entire spectrum of light is reflected back to our eyes, and we see white snow.

Snowflakes can be the same.  In 1988, Nancy Knight, a scientist at the National Center for Atmosphere Research in Colorado, found two identical snowflakes that came from a storm out of Wisconsin.

Some snowflakes you can’t catch in your mouth. The largest recorded snowflake was 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick. It fell in Fort Keogh, Montanta in January of 1887. While there’s no corroborating evidence that confirms this is true, scientists don’t doubt it could be.

The Guinness Book of World Records gave the record for Tallest Snowman to one jolly, happy soul in Bethel, Maine. The snowwoman, which took over a month to build, was over 122 feet tall.

Snow can be scary at least to some people the term for this fear is Chionophobia.

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