Raccoon….Coon…..No Matter The Name A Smart Little Critter

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Image result for racoon alabama dept of natural resources The raccoon also known as just “coon” is a medium-sized, nocturnal bear like small mammal that lives in North America. It belongs to procyonid family that also includes ringtail, coatis and some other mammals.

But did you know….

A Raccoon is known for its mask-like black markings around the eyes and ring markings on its tail. Because of this mask they’re also called bandit-masked raccoons. The average size of a raccoon is 16 to 38 inches. Its tail makes about 52 percent of the total length. An average raccoon weight about 8 to 20 pounds.

Raccoons are basically omnivores which means they like to have meat and plants both in their meals. But according to experts, they can eat almost anything that is available. In wild, their they get most of their food from water as they are expert at catching fish and frogs from water with lightening speed. From land their favorite food is mice, insects and eggs of birds. They also like to eat different fruits and nuts in their meal.  But in your backyard they love your pet’s food and your garbage.

One of the most amazing raccoon facts is the front paws of a raccoon are very similar to human hands. They have five fingers like humans and they use their hands with lightening quick speed to catch fish from waters. They can open the latch of a cage with their hands, untie the shoe laces and even  pick your pocket if you’re not alert.

Some people like to keep raccoon as pets, experts advise against it as they can be aggressive and dangerous for humans. Former American President Coolidge had a pet raccoon. when raccoons are  young they tend not to be dangerous and become very fond of humans but as they mature especially during mating season, they become more aggressive and dangerous and can attack humans. Unlike other dogs or cats, it is very difficult to teach them to follow and obey orders.

After 63 days of gestation, a female raccoon usually will give birth to 1 to 7 babies in spring season only once in a year. The eyes of baby raccoons are closed at the time of birth, but after about 20 days they open their eyes. Babies also don’t have rings around their tail or mask around their eyes. Mother raccoon cares and protects their babies very strictly and even the father of the babies can’t go near them.

According to experts, raccoons scored very high on the mammal IQ level test. They are found to be more intelligent than cats. They have amazing skills of opening locks and close doors.   They have also been known to memorize the solution of complex mechanism, such as lock for three years.   Raccons can also identify and differentiate between different symbols shown to them.


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