A Tribute to Arthur Alexander with Donnie Fritts – EVENT PHOTOS

By  | October 3, 2018 | Filed under: Event Photographs, News

SHEFFIELD-On Tuesday, October 2 the Sheffield Public Library held a musical event with a “Tribute to Arthur Alexander with Donnie Fritts. Beth Ridgeway, librarian at the library said she hopes the event will be an event that can happen once a month.  Ridgeway says it is one way to help spread the word about Sheffield and the music culture of the Shoals.

Donnie Fritts along with Johnny Belew talked about the connection with Fritts, Alexander and the music of Muscle Shoals.  After the Q & A Fritts along with Andreas Werner played some music from Fritts upcoming Album “June” a tribute to Alexander.

QCDNews was on hand to enjoy the music and capture the tribute in photos.  Enjoy!

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