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Amazing …And The Eyes Have It

By  | October 1, 2018 | Filed under: Interesting Facts, News

human-eye-color-chart Your eyes are amazing …  here are a few weird and wonderful facts about your eyes.

The focusing muscle of the human eye moves about 1000,000 times every day. Put it in perspective. For your leg muscles to get the same kind of workout, you would have to walk 50 miles, every day.

Until about 10,000 years ago, all human beings had brown eyes. Blue eyes are a more recent phenomenon caused by a genetic mutation, a sign that humans are still evolving.

Although the Earth’s surface curves out of sight at a distance of 3.1 miles (5 km), our ability to see extends far beyond that distance. If Earth were completely flat, or if you were standing on top of a mountain surveying a larger-than-usual patch of the planet, you could see bright lights that are hundreds of miles away! On a particularly dark night, you could even see a candle flame flickering in the distance, specifically up to 30 miles away.

Essentially, there are three primary colours – red, green and blue – that make up the millions of colors distinguishable to the human eye. Each eye contains three receptors, one for each primary colour, that are responsible for the creation of the experience of color, when stimulated in various combinations. This is known as the Young-Helmholtz Trichromatic Theory. Thus, it follows that those who have defective cones cannot see certain colours and are known to be color-deficient.

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