Smell The Air After A Rain Storm..Clean Smell You Say?

By  | September 13, 2018 | Filed under: Interesting Facts, News

largeHave you ever noticed that smell in the air after it rains?

This smell is sometimes referred to as ‘petrichor’ Actinomycetes…a bacteria… a particular class of soil-dwelling bacteria, oils secreted by plants and the splitting of atmospheric chemicals from ozone play a part.

The actiomycetes bacteria secrete geosmin which smells like soil matter and the human nose can detect this scent at less than 5 parts per trillion.  Plants secrete oils in dry periods, which accumulate in rocks and soil mixed with rain and this is where we get the term ‘petrichor’ to identify this aroma.  Then we have the ozone in the atmosphere…during stormy weather lightning strikes split diatomic oxygen and the smell of ozone…which is the pre-rain smell is born.

There you have it the smell before and after a rain storm.  That clean smell after rain…just another smell of dirt.

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