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Suspect Arrested After Recovering From Overdose…Charged With Possession Of Burglary Tools

By  | September 10, 2018 | Filed under: News

Robert L Brown

FLORENCE-The Florence Police Department issued a release concerning the arrest of a suspect on Saturday, September 8 who had overdosed:

“Robert L Brown was arrested on 9-8-2018 for Possession of Burglary Tools.

Officers responded to Four Seasons Apartments concerning a suspicious male lying outside one of the apartments. When officers arrived Mr. Brown would not respond to the officers and they were able to determine that he had overdosed.

The officers then administered Narcan to Mr. Brown and they could see visible improvements to his reaction to the Narcan. During the time the officers were out with Mr. Brown they were attempting to identify him. They did search of a bag he had and found several items that are burglary tools.

Once Mr. Brown was able to be released from the hospital he was charged with Possession of Burglary Tools.”

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