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Babylonian Hours….Really?

By  | September 8, 2018 | Filed under: Interesting Facts, News

The  Astronomical Clock of Prague  could be useful for when you need the time in Babylonian Hours, perhaps during a stag party (bachelor’s party) when time blurs. This medieval astronomical clock is located in southern wall of the Old Town City Hall in the Old Town Square of Prague, Czech Republic.

It has inspired many legends including the tragic tale of its builder Master Hanus who was said to have been blinded by officials to prevent him recreating his work. Later it was discovered in a documented dating to 1961 that the clock was made by Mikulas of Kadan in 1410.

The ornate clock features a calendar dial that makes one rotation a year, the old Czech time, and 12 wooden sculptures of the Apostles that pass by window above the dial on every hour.

It is the oldest working astronomical clock in the world.


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