Are You Woman Enough To Try It?

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Tampons….who wants to wear them?  After this interesting fact you might just change your mind….

“In the 19th century, tampons were soaked in opium and belladonna,” says Liz Sherman, executive director of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, where a box of antique opium-soaked tampons is on display. “The opium was to relieve pain, and the belladonna was to dilate and relax the vagina.”

Sherman says the majority of opium users were middle- to upper-class women. While it wasn’t socially acceptable for women to patronize saloons, there was nothing wrong with slipping in an opium-soaked tampon or sipping a morphine-laced tonic from the comfort of one’s own parlor. “There were a lot of tonics geared toward women’s ailments, and most were 25 percent or more alcohol and had some sort of opiate in them,” Sherman says.

Aside from being a way more intense high, there’s another difference between opium-soaked tampons and their contemporary, alcoholic counterparts: “(Nineteenth-century women) weren’t soaking tampons in opium specifically to get high, there were medicinal reasons for it,” Sherman says. “There were also a good percentage of people who strictly used (opium) recreationally, but medicinally, the majority were women. Or at least under the guise of medicinal use.”


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