How Much Do We Dream?

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Since the beginning of civilization, dreams have been a subject of intense debate and pondering. People have tried to seek the meanings and material manifestations of their dreams. This has given rise to a field called fortune telling, which holds its roots in the attempted interpretation of dreams. Dreams have a direct impact on a person’s day: where a nightmare could bring a pall upon your eyes for the entire day, a nice dream could enlighten your face with a smile. Dreams are mostly underestimated in their impact on a person, which is why very little is known about dreams.

Most of the time you can remember your dream after you wake up, if not clearly, there is always a vague idea about what dreams you had the other night. But is that all? Researchers have proved that people actually dream much more than they can assume after they wake up. Typically, you have four to six dreams in one night’s rest. On the most extreme cases, over a dozen dreams have been reported. This mostly takes up about less than half an hour. Every dream lasts four to five minutes. Think you have been dreaming all night? You are probably mistaken. That is simply not possible. Sum that up and you actually spend six years of your life dreaming!

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