Pending prison parolee program at 4 Way & McKinney – Public Hearing packs City Hall

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TUSCUMBIA –  The Quad-Cities Daily reported that over 30 State Corrections parolees will be placed in a shuttered motel in Tuscumbia. We also reported that they are being employed at McKinney Lumber Company facilities that adjoin the motel, among other McKinney-owned companies in the area.

Alabama State Representative Johnny Mack Morrow found out about this, as he described, by “accident”. According to Morrow, this proposed program was seemingly kept under wraps by the Department of Prisons and Paroles. As of this publishing, there are 2 persons on parole at the motel. These men we are told were imprisoned for sex-offense convictions. According to reports, these are but the very beginning of the sex offender population at 4 Way Hotel.

Morrow said, “The Parolee Program at the Four Way Inn is an issue that must be dealt with as quickly as possible. This Motel is in my Legislative District. As a member of the Alabama Legislature, safety of law abiding citizens is my number one concern. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance but not at the risk of innocent citizens.”

Monday night, Representative Morrow called for a special town hall meeting at the Tuscumbia City Hall for the purpose of getting input from Citizens. The facility was packed – Standing room only. Private Citizens and Elected officials spoke to voice their position on the matter. Every person who spoke was soundly against this plan. Notable among the speakers was Alabama State Senator Dr. Larry Stutts, District Attorney Bryce Graham, Chief Assistant District Attorney Kyle Brown, Shoals Chamber of Commerce President Caitlin Holland, County Commissioners, Jimmy Gardner, Darol Bendal, Charles Hovater, Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson, Dr. Mark R. McIlwain, and Tuscumbia City Schools Superintendent, Darryl Aikerson.

To a person, every speaker spoke out soundly against this program.

We will note here that no person representing McKinney made known that they were present at the meeting.

The Quad-Cities Daily has made numerous calls and emails to Chester McKinney, Jr. in an attempt to interview him or a representative. As of this publishing, we have been unable to do so. We will keep trying, as we believe that his side of this issue should be heard.

UPDATE: According to Dr. Mark McIlwain, as posted on Facebook, Reliable sources tell me Outreach Re-entry and Willie Simpson have withdrawn as operators of the Tuscumbia 4-Way Motel Parolee Project”

We will update as more information becomes available.

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