Morrow says neighbors are worried – Parolees, some sex offenders, moving into neighborhood

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The now-closed, Four-Way Inn is where the parolees are to be housed.


TUSCUMBIA – “One of my constituents had the person who was going to buy his house just back out of the deal already’ ” said Alabama State Representative, Johnny Mack Morrow. “The place isn’t even open yet and it’s already affecting property values.” The location of the residence where the parolees are slated to be housed is a defunct motel which is adjacent to a wood-pallet manufacturing facility.

State Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow

Morrow was speaking about a prison inmate re-entry program. He told the Quad-Cities Daily that this program, was recently established by principals of McKinney Lumber / McVantage Packing, which has a facility at the corner of Highways 72A and US-43. Morrow stated in a letter that he sent to Governor Kay Ivy that, “Chester McKinney stated the parolees will be employed by McKinney Lumber, McVantage Packing, and affiliated employers.” He continued, “The first two parolees were registered sex offenders, one of whom had a post prison violence protection order placed in Etowah County Court before being transferred to Colbert County.


 The Tuscumbia parolee project stated they would house 30-40 non-violent parolees. It further stated that these parolees would have to be from other Alabama counties EXCEPT Colbert County. This move by the Department of Corrections/Pardon & Parole has generated very serious questions by my constituents who are living in House District 18. These questions should be answered by the executive branch of Alabama’s Government as soon as possible. ”

These are the questions that Morrow wants answered:

1.  What is the role of the Department of Corrections/ Pardon and Parole in establishing, vetting, and permitting this facility? Did the Department of Corrections/Pardon and Parole conduct any discussions with members of Alabama’s executive or legislative branch of Alabama’s government prior to paroling inmates to this location? When was the initiation date and first state government action on this project?
2. Does the State of Alabama (DOC, P&P, or ALEA) conduct any assessment of the fitness, training, education, planning, and safety plan of the staff and/or facility before allowing parole of inmates to the facility?
3. Is the state aware of any church affiliation of this facility?
4. Do the principals involved in Outreach Re-entry Ministry, Inc (Willie Simpson, Homer Crittenden, Arlinda Simpson)meet minimum requirements for capabilities in training, counseling, and supervision required to prevent recidivism? What are the assurances and penalties for not providing the promised 24 hour supervision?
5. How will the nutrition and health of these parolees be supervised. Will they be eligible for food stamps and Medicaid? How will the local Not for a Profit Hospital be reimbursed for any indigent care needed by these parolees?
6. Is there another site in Alabama where out of county sex offenders are clustered in a re-entry program? If so where?
7. Are there any financial incentives that McKinney Lumber, McVantage Packaging, and other employers will receive from State of Alabama either directly or indirectly (tax incentives and credits)?
8. Are there any financial incentives Outreach Re-entry Ministry, Inc will receive directly or indirectly (by being approved for re-entry of parolees and/or facilitated by conducting a re-entry program for Alabama parolees)?
9. Does the State of Alabama have a plan or are they considering a plan to promote the public safety and prevent recidivism in this inmate population?
10. If Outreach Re-entry Ministry is placed in control of parolee assets and funds how will Alabama State Government assure the fiduciary integrity and auditing ?

The Citizens of House District 18 are very concerned because parolee recidivism endangers their children and families. Chester McKinney recently said “all I am asking is give me a chance to fail.” As you are well aware Governor, failure is catastrophic for the child or family member who becomes the victim. It is incumbent for State Government both executive and legislative to promulgate rules, regulations, and laws necessary to protect the public! Thanks very much for responding to this very important concern!

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