English…Not What It Used To Be…

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Even if you hated English in high school, it wouldn’t hurt to check out these lost treasures of the language.

If you’re ever in a bad mood, you might want to go to your growlery.  It’s the place you go to when you’re upset or in a bad mood. It was first used by Charles Dickens in Bleak House (1853).

Or did you know 11% of the English language is just the letter E.  An interfenestration is the part of a wall between two windows.  When you cup your hands together to form a bowl, it’s called a gowpen.  A word for the color orange didn’t exist until 450 years ago.  An aquabob is the old name for an icicle.

The custard pies thrown during old Hollywood comedy sketches were called magoos and scarecrows were originally called hobidy-boobies.

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