Scorpions ….Did You Know?

By  | March 8, 2018 | Filed under: Interesting Facts, News

Scorpions are often viewed as being creepy and dangerous living creatures. However, you will find some of the facts about them to be very interesting.

The Scorpion doesn’t have good vision in spite of the fact that it has so many eyes. They have at least 6 but they can have as many as 12.  They use the sense of smell to find food and to hide from danger.

Scorpions  rely on vibrations from their surroundings to help them determine what is taking place in their environment.  It is true that a Scorpion is able to tell the difference between light and dark.

All Scorpions are venomous. Only about 25-30 of them have a type of venom that is potent enough to make someone very ill or to kill them.  Scorpions can only consume a liquid diet. The venom they inject into prey allows the insides to be turned into liquid that they suck out.

Young Scorpions ride on their mothers back for the first weeks of life.

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