Governor Ivey Unveils “Smart on Safety Initiative”

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Governor Ivey signing EO 713 during the “Smart on Safety Initiative” Press Conference. Photo credit (Governor’s Office, Jamie Martin)

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey on Tuesday, during a press conference, unveiled her “Smart on Safety Initiative.” Governor Ivey is committed to keeping Alabama’s schoolchildren safe, and this plan will aid in enhancing school safety and security in the state.


“In announcing a four-pronged approach to school safety, we will build on the foundation already in place and allow all available state resources to be focused on efforts to keep our children safe,” Governor Ivey said. “Ensuring safety in our schools is a bipartisan issue, and we must do all we can to prevent violence and be sure we are ready to respond in the event such violence does occur.”


Governor Ivey’s “Smart on Safety Initiative” includes four key elements: Secured Schools, We Know Our Kids, Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs), and the Governor’s Securing Alabama Facilities of Education (SAFE) Council.


Secured Schools: Governor Ivey recognizes that each school’s security needs are unique. Therefore, Alabama will support local school officials as they meet their own safety needs. Governor Ivey supports permitting the Education Advancement and Technology Fund to be used for school security.  (Senate Bill 323)


We Know Our Kids: Schools will intervene in the lives of students who are at risk of harming themselves or others, before they act violently. Schools will be encouraged to identify at-risk students through student engagement and other factors.


Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs): When a school emergency occurs, school personnel must be able to act immediately before first responders arrive. Schools must work with law enforcement and first responders to provide a coordinated response to emergencies. Each school will continuously update its EOP, and students and school personnel will receive regular training on the EOP.


Governor’s Securing Alabama Facilities of Education (SAFE) Council: During the press conference, Governor Ivey signed Executive Order 713 convening her SAFE Council to implement her school safety priorities. The Council will be composed of the Secretary of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the Secretary of the Office of Information Technology, the Alabama State Superintendent of Education and the Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Mental Health. The SAFE Council will report to the governor by April 30, 2018.


The governor’s “Smart on Safety Initiative” is intended to be a flexible and workable framework which will be added to upon the recommendation of the SAFE Council and others.



WHEREAS providing safe schools for the children of Alabama is a paramount responsibility of the State of Alabama;

WHEREAS state agencies possess unique capabilities and resources for promoting school security;

WHEREAS coordinated, inter-agency planning and training is required to prevent school violence;

WHEREAS the President of the United States has initiated an appropriately wide-ranging national conversation of proposals to protect our schools;

WHEREAS the Legislature’s Emergency Task Force on School Safety and Security has already made and begun implementing school-safety proposals at the state level;

WHEREAS all school-safety ideas should be considered, whether arming willing and trained school personnel, tightening access to school buildings, or improving support for at-risk students;

NOW, THEREFORE, 1, Kay Ivey, Governor of the State of Alabama, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of Alabama, do hereby establish the Governor’s Securing Alabama Facilities of Education Council (“the Governor’s SAFE Council” or “the Council”) as further set forth below:

  1. The Council’s purpose shall be to implement the Governor’s announced proposals, and to develop additional proposals, for enhancing the safety of Alabama schools.
  2. Implementation plan. The Council shall submit to the Governor by April 30, 2018, a plan to implement the Governor’s initiatives to enhance the physical safety of Alabama’s schools, to assess internal


threats to school safety, and to coordinate school emergency operations planning and training. The plan shall also include any additional recommendations the Council develops for promoting school safety.

  1. The Council shall consist of the following members or their designees: the Governor, who shall act as chair; the Secretary of the Alabama Office of Information Technology; the Secretary of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency; the Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Mental Health; the Alabama State Superintendent of Education; and additional individuals as the Governor deems necessary.
  2. State agency cooperation. State agencies and other state-funded entities shall cooperate with the Council and provide information requested by the Council.

DONE AND ORDERED this 6th day 2018.


 Media Release/Office of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

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