That Valentine Gift That Will Be All Over Facebook….Wait And See

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Valentine’s Day….did you get your sweetie a gift yet?  Was it flowers, chocolates, or maybe a gold heart. If you have waited to the last-minute or you are just looking for something a little avant garde….check these gifts that might or might not have scored with a big PLUS ….


79479330Some guy thought he was being cute… Whether it’s a bunch of stinking, old carnations or an arrangement of decapitated roses, this gift will have the right stuff to get your twisted point across this Valentine’s Day.


tandhanger-3-tandenImagine the response when this guy showed up with a prettily wrapped box with his own teeth as part of a custom piece of jewelry for his true love.


23f94f063589249739e9e8fe3b66d34eAnd ladies if your really stumped as to a gift for the hunk a burnin love try a hand stitched sampler….with one of these pithy sayings…“I love you more than kittens,” and, “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker,” you really can’t go wrong with one of these crafty gifts.


x354-q80Have your local jewler…a human heart , skull, or even silverplate a lock of hair from Fido in sterling silver, just one of many edgy designs that could make this the most interesting Valentine’s Day yet.


d2464740759962e7403c666b67365747For those of you trying to get back at that unrequited love try a voodoo curse …. create that voodoo doll and push those pins then wrap that sweet pain-filled dolly in a lovely heart-shaped box and send it off to the one who spurned your advances.  Never know it might just send them back into your arms….

Maybe you should just stick with a very large box of chocolates…..CZZR5VaWQAAk1Wc




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