Natchez-Under-The-Hill….Outlaw Hideout

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At one time, Natchez was home to more millionaires than any other city in the nation; however, far from the impressive mansions that filled Natchez was an area of the city known for its rowdy ways.

Situated on the riverbank, downhill from the opulent population on top of the bluff, the area was aptly named Natchez Under-The-Hill. In its heyday it was the most notorious river landing on the entire Mississippi River.

The area was also home to some of the worst outlaws of the time. Bandits notorious for wreaking havoc on the Natchez Trace were known for spending time in the seedy part of town.

Once such outlaw was John Murel, who would sell slaves and then steal them back, only to sell them again. The notorious Harpe Brothers, who have gained notoriety as the country’s first serial killers, also called Natchez Under-The-Hill home.

John Thompson Hare, a well-known highwayman of the time, was also known to frequent Natchez’s rowdy riverfront. While in Natchez, Hare began dating a woman, who he eventually killed for allegedly being unfaithful to him. According to legend, he weighted his girlfriend’s body down with jewels, which he had stolen and given to her as gifts, and threw her into the Mississippi River. To this day, it’s said that the maniacal laughter of Hare’s ghost can still be heard in the area.

Today, Natchez Under-The-Hill is home to stores, a casino, several restaurants and the Under-the-Hill Saloon.  Housed in a building that is about 200 years old, the still functioning bar (and one-time brothel) is loaded with nostalgic photos and historic memorabilia.

source: Only In Your State

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