The Dangerous Jellyfish

By  | January 7, 2018 | Filed under: Interesting Facts, News

Jellyfish is a really strange and attractive sea animal. Don’t get too much attracted with its beautiful shape and colors as jellyfish can be really dangerous and lethal. Jellyfish are one of those sea animals that are extremely venomous. Jellyfish contains poison in their tentacles. These tentacles have millions of poison cells (cnidocysts). Jellyfish injects these poisonous tentacles into their enemies or prey. So if you have a chance to meet jellyfish avoid touching it. It doesn’t matter, whether it is dead or alive, jellyfish can be extremely dangerous for humans. Box jellyfish is the most dangerous species of jellyfish as its venom is the most lethal venom in the world. Since 1954, more than 5000 people have died after being stung by the box jellyfish.

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