Just A Couple Of Lovebirds

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Lovebirds are intelligent, affectionate, and playful little birds. With proper care and adequate socialization, many form especially strong bonds with their owners. Those that don’t have a lot of time to spend with a Lovebird typically purchase a mate for their pet, as these birds are extremely social and cannot thrive without interaction.

Female Lovebirds often amuse their owners by shredding up the paper lining on their cage and placing the strips between their tailfeathers. This is an instinctual behavior that would allow the bird to carry materials back to her nesting site for construction.

Lovebirds make extremely active pets, and must be provided with adequate space to explore, climb, and fly. Many lovebirds also love to chew, and need to be provided with plenty of wood and toys that they can exercise their jaw muscles on.

Some of the smallest members of the parrot family, Lovebirds have captivated bird owners for over 100 years.

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