Trick Or Treat….It’s Not What It Seems Sometimes…

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 Trick or Treat….sometimes the treat is a trick and sometimes the trick is a treat.   Here are just a few weird treats given to all to eager little ghouls and witches.  Boy were these kids surprised…..

How would you like to open up your treat bag and find….Potato salad in a corn7   plastic   bag or corn on the cob wrapped in foil…

What if you got sometime that you could not eat or even play with…what a bummer for a kid….sample-sized soaps, shampoo, conditioner and even band-aids. Rolls of toilet paper, however, were welcome; they’re perfect for TP’ing the person’s home who gave you the weird treat.

61VMy5LLRZL._SX425_BO1,204,203,200_Some treats call for using the above mentioned toilet paper…A packet of McDonald’s croutons or a left-over Christmas crossword book…bring on the TP.

Some treats are just wrong….Beer, liquor, cigarettes, and firecrackers have all been found in Halloween hauls.

Then of course the animals…Live goldfish, a puppy, Kitten or maybe even a scary little gecko….images (1)

Halloween candy is supposed to be gross… fake ear wax, boogers, scabs, and even gooey eyeballs are all fair game. But what’s really gross is the obviously leftover candy from a way-past holiday, like old Easter eggs and Christmas candy canes.

images (2)And then there is always the nutball who gives the children real insects as candy…the children might get a bad case of the heebie jeebies once they discover that the candy-covered crickets, scorpions, and ants they crunched down were once actually real live insects.

So get out there bring in your haul and hope for the best.   Trick or Treat!


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