Ghosts….It’s That Time Of The Year….Really!!

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I ain’t afraid of no ghost….well maybe just a little especially around the fall of the year when  the earth around us goes dormant.   But have you ever wondered just what kinds of ghosts there are out there in the ether?    (we are assuming for the sake of a good story that there are ghosts!?!)

Well here you go just a few spooks you might meet walking down that lonely road down to the river on a foggy night that crosses right through that old abandoned cemetery…..

Ghost-620x330Human Spirit – A ghost that was once a human and has died, remaining here for some reason. Commonly cited reasons include guilt, unfinished business, denial of death, or an inability to move on.


imagesPast Recreation – Some events leave ripples, and a person may experience a playback of certain events. This is known as a residual haunting. They often include the same activities, noises, and other sensory perceptions repeated over and over again during a period of time. No spirit is involved with this.


3a01eea5fbb48f0fd4823c631155dfbdAnimal Spirits – This is debated by some, but accepted by enough to be included. Pets, animals, even wild creatures and remain here after death, acting in similar fashions to a human ghost.


A ghostly 19th-century illustrationNon-Human Spirits – Yes, these are demons and malevolent beings. A person will rarely encounter them, and a negative, mean, or aggressive human spirit can often be misinterpreted as a demon. This classification is controversial to many, but a number of researchers believe in their existence.

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