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Ghost tales abound throughout the South—but did you ever wonder why? Some theorize it’s due to the high frequency of thunderstorms across the region, charging the atmosphere with the electrical energy of lightning and the dampness of rain that allows spirits to manifest as apparitions. Others claim that haunted locations must carry some “bad karma” from people who left this world with unfinished business or unsolved problems, and as a result, are unable (or unwilling?) to move on.

Some haunted places near us in the northern part of Alabama…..

alabama-highway-5Highway 5 Ghost – Lynn, Alabama…Supposedly, years ago between Natural Bridge and Jasper, Alabama on Highway 5, a teenage girl had been to prom with her boyfriend. It was a rainy night. On the way home from prom, they got into a fight and she told him to let her out because she could walk. While she was walking along the side of the highway, she was struck by an 18-wheeler. The driver drove off, and the next morning she was found dead in a ditch. They say if you drive an 18-wheeler down Highway 5 on a rainy night, she’ll climb onto the side of it and peek inside to see if you’re the driver who killed her.

tumblr_lpa662QpMj1qgb7tkMaple Hill Cemetery – Huntsville, Alabama…Dead Children’s Playground is located in the middle of Maple Hill Cemetery, which is the largest and oldest cemetery in Alabama. Legend has it that the city of Huntsville had several child abductions during the 1960s and the bodies of the children were found in the playground area of the cemetery. Ever since then, people have reported swings moving on their own and hearing children laugh. Most of this activity takes place between 10pm and 3am.

AL-Hauntings-4-700x525Main Street Strip – Albertville, Alabama…On what is now the “Main Street Strip” in Albertville, Alabama, many people have reported hearing footsteps and ghostly voices. During the early 1900s, a tornado ripped through this area of town and killed many people. Several business owners on Main Street have reported feeling a sudden coldness when they would go outside during the summer. They’ve also heard people screaming during the night, but the street would be completely empty.

1weedenhome1Sweetwater Mansion – Florence, Alabama…Sweetwater Mansion belonged to Robert Patton, a former Alabama governor. Over the years, many apparitions have been spotted in the mansion, including the one belonging to Governor Patton’s son. This comes as no surprise considering his son’s funeral was held inside the home. In April 2011, A&E’s Paranormal State featured Sweetwater Mansion in an episode.

william-winston-house_1552William Winston House – Tuscumbia, Alabama…On November 22, 1874, as a tornado bore down upon her home, Judith Winston, the stern  lady of the house tried to take cover. She failed and was crushed beneath rubble. Her sons pulled her from the wreckage still alive, but she lived only a little while. According to Debra Johnson, she breathed her last in the front bedroom on the eastern side of the house.  Mrs. Winston may be the source of some rather interesting phenomena that has occurred in the house. One woman setting up chairs for her daughter’s wedding was disturbed by the chairs rattling by themselves.

Florence-84Forks of Cypress – Florence, Alabama…Completed in 1830, the Forks of Cypress was the main house of a cotton plantation built in Greek Revival style; it was named for its location between Big Cyprus and Little Cyprus Creeks. During the Civil War the building was used as a base camp for Union forces, and it was eventually placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997, despite having burned to the ground over thirty years earlier on June 6, 1966. Today the only physical remnants of the mansion are the large brick pillars and the base beneath them, but rumor has it there are otherworldly beings still lurking the grounds. Singing and other voices have been heard coming from between the pillars, and some have even seen the apparition of a woman walking the grounds.

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